SMC Horses
Our SMC Horses all carry the Traditional foundation bloodlines that have made the Irish Sport Horse great. Over the years there has been a big influence from the European Stud books mixing them with the original indigenous horses of Ireland.

To be classified as a Traditional Irish Horse it needs to be made up of the following: Irish Draft, Irish Hunter, Connemara pony, Sport Horse and Irish Thoroughbred, and combinations of these crossed. To be recognised as Traditional Irish Sport Horse there cannot be any foreign ancestors recorded in their back breeding.
All our SMC mares are Traditional horses and pure Irish Draughts with nearly all of our mares are having their own performance record, and full pedigrees

The Traditional Irish Sport Horse is the foundation Irish breed that made Ireland known all over the world as the land of the horse.

SMC Molly
Molly is a 15H2 Class I registered Irish Draught mare, who has a Gold merit on her own show jumping performance, and a Bronze for athleticism. She has successfully jumped 1.30 m. Fantastic mare with great personality, always gives 100%. Has bred 1 foal, who is showing great promise over poles. Looking forward to see what she breads in the future. Currently in foal to KMS Timeless.
SMC April Breeze
SMC April Dawn